Don MacLane Musical Instruments
“This is gonna make people happy. This is gonna play music.” - Frank Finocchio
Building instruments is a natural combination of my woodworking, metal working, engineering skills and an interest in the physics of musical instruments. In 1994 I built a conventional stringed hammered dulcimer combing ideas gained from other makers with string scaling from a Steinway piano.  In the mid 90s, my day job required a lot of traveling and I needed an instrument that was easy to carry along. So I built a series of instruments blending the Mbira from Zimbabwe with the hammered dulcimer. I call the result a Hammered Mbira. They are tuned when I build them, the tuning is relatively immune to changes in environment and the instruments are very rugged. I have carried these instruments all over the world and play them in bus stations, train stations, in airports, on hotel stoops and in parks.
Today I build hammered Mbiras to order and continue to build experimental tuned percussion instruments.
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