Don MacLane, Sculpture
My work is interactive kinetic sculpture that invites you to explore and alter the rhythmic interplay between their moving parts. All my work is intended to be played with and the observer is expected to set the pieces in motion. I am interested in the interaction between viewer and sculpture; the variation in motion patterns and the work’s relationship to its constraints. The exploration starts as the viewer pushes the piece for the first time then continues with successive pushes at different the initial angles and speeds. These changes result in variation in the rhythm as the moving parts alternate between kinetic and potential energy states and energy is transferred between the elements. Most pieces allow interaction on another level with provisions that allow the viewer to alter the frequency of one or more of the elements. For example, changing the length of a pendulum or curvature of a rocker will alter their natural frequency and change the piece’s pattern of motion. The periodic motion of the pieces typically cycle between progressive reduction of amplitude then gradually increasing movement. Pushing can also introduce harmonics that make the pieces appear to quiver as if illuminated with a strobe light. While the movement will stop after a few minutes, curiosity often leads the observer to adjust and push a sculpture again before it actually comes to a full stop.
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